HNB Visa Infinite Cards

A world of infinite possibilities, where everything is as special and unique as you are and where convenience is a way of life. From this point on, every experience is privileged, every choice, is yours to make - the choice of smart luxury.

We understand that your lifestyle requires a credit card that meets the highest expectations. That's why, you can now enjoy a host of benefits, exclusively for HNB Visa Infinite Credit Cardholders.


HNB Visa Signature Cards

In a world where everything is as special and unique as your signature, make your mark with your HNB Visa Signature Card. In recognition of everything that you have achieved, and your value to HNB, we take pleasure in inviting you to make your mark.


HNB Visa Platinum Cards

The HNB Visa Platinum Credit Card is a key that opens a door to another world. A world of privilege for our most valued clients, revealed by invitation only. HNB is delighted to present select benefits to you locally and internationally, including very special offers only for our elite clients.


HNB Visa Gold & Master Card / Gold Card

  Get a card as unique as your needs with the HNB Visa Gold & MasterCard Gold.


HNB Visa Classic & Master Card Regular Credit Card

  If you’re a smart independent minded individual then this is the card for you - to live your life to its fullest and have no regrets.


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