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HNB Leasing offers the finest and the most hassle-free lease options, to fulfil your personal dream or business goal. Lease your vehicle, plant and machinery or assets with long term financing. 

Ready to sign and drive?

  • You can enjoy all prices and rentals exclusive of VAT
  • Own a free life insurance cover of LKR 4.5 Mn
  • Leasing facility up to 90% on electric vehicles and up to 50% on hybrid vehicles.
  • A free credit card
  • Get “zero” interest easy payment for all your insurance premiums
  • Get tailor made lease rentals to suit your taste
Work with us…

Flexi Plan

Flexi Plan

Design a leasing plan that suits your budget. Start paying with a lower rental and pay up to 20% of your lease as a final payment or change your monthly rental based on earning capacity, to shorten or lengthen your lease.


Easy Pay 

Easy Pay

Make a lump sum payment and reduce your monthly rental. Make an extra payment when you can afford it. Reduce your monthly rental and the duration of your lease.

Cash Back

Cash Back

Get cash-in-hand in an emergency. Whether your vehicle has an existing lease or not, you can revalue your vehicle and obtain cash.


My Dream

My Dream

Upgrade to a new vehicle. Settle your existing lease without future interest and get a new lease.

Leasing for Professionals



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A special leasing package for customers coming under “Professional Category” with unique features

Benefits to the customer
  • Hassle free process with minimum documentation
  • Lease will be granted within 4 hours through green channel
  • Preferential interest rates
  • Personalized service through a bank representative
  • No declaration of assets under affidavit
  • No Guarantor requirement
  • Residual rental up to 25% of the market value of the vehicle
  • Special discounts in vehicle insurance premium from HNB Assurance
  • Free life insurance cover worth Rs.4.5 Mn for accidental deaths and Rs 0.6 Mn for natural deaths, for HNB customers
  • “Prestige Prime” Pre-Approved Credit Card with first year annual fee waved off. This card carries special discounts on automobile products and services


Eligibility Criteria for ‘Professional Category’
Accountants - CIMA/ACCA/AAT/ICA Membership
Architects - SLIA Membership
CFA - Financial Analyst
Engineers - IESL Membership
Auditors - ICA or ACCA membership
Lecturers - MSC/ PhD from a recognized university
Lawyers - Bar Association ID / Certificate of Enrolment
Marketing - CIM/SLIM membership
Hospitality - Graduate in hospitality Management from SLITHM
Human Resources - IPM Membership        
Doctors - Registered under the Medical Ordinance
Pilots - Pilot licensed under the Air Navigation Act
Navigation Officers  
Researchers or Senior Academic  
C-Suite Executives of A Grade Companies  


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