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Hatton National Bank PLC (HNB) is one of Sri Lanka’s premier commercial banks. Backed by a rich legacy which began nearly 130 years ago to provide financial solutions to Ceylon’s nascent Tea industry, the Bank has grown alongside the nation and its people to the present day where it is a financial conglomerate delivering an entire spectrum of financial services to 2.5 Mn customers across the country.

HNB is a pioneer of SME financing in Sri Lanka. Throughout our journey which began far away from the commercial capital of the country, we have partnered a countless number of SME’s in their path to prosperity and have seen many of them graduate to corporate customer status.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to our SME clientele such as Term Loans, Working Capital Financing, Project funding , Import & Export Loan facilities and Distributor Financing.


SME digital initiatives

There are several initiatives have been taken under digital to bridge the technological gaps in SME industry

  • SME Business card – To facilitate business expenses of the SMEs
  • WEB X PAY – E-Commerce for SMEs
  • HNB APPY - Software solution to SME's to set up their own App based site
  • ERP - This product is an inventory management solution for SME's which is a cloud based one. SME's could manage their Stocks, debtors or creditors through the system


For more details contact


Suranga – 077 364 8569 



Randeva – 077 364 3327

Shyam – 077 318 4167 

SME expo credit

HNB PLC in close collaboration with the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka (EDB) launched the HNB SME Export Credit, a pioneering new facility specially designed to meet the requirements and aspirations of Sri Lanka’s burgeoning Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector. Aimed at fostering unprecedented new opportunities for export-oriented growth in the SME sector, HNB’s new facility is the first of its kind to be specially developed for the sector, and is part of a broader effort from HNB to support macroeconomic growth in Sri Lanka.

The salient features of the product are as follows;

  • Target segment - Customers in regular export business for a considerable period and preferably under Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) category.
  • Purpose - To bridge the working capital requirements of SME-Export clients under both pre shipment and post shipment up to Rs.40 Mn .{ In any designated currency acceptable to the bank }
  • Eligibility - Exporters who have the integrity, expertise, technical knowhow and infrastructure to supply export orders successfully.


Security – Confirmed Export order/ Export Letter of Credit/DPN/ Cash build-up

Interest rate - Very special rates could be offed under LKR & FC

Other benefits –Direct collection online system / Special E- Marine insurance policy.


For more details please contact,

Suranga – 077 364 8569

SME Lending

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