Retail Services Tariff



Revised Tariff on Retail Services (w.e.f 16-03-2020)



Cash Order    
Collected at the branch Manual   1/2% (Rs. 5,000/- Minimum)
Delivered at customer location through approved transport agent Manual  1/2% (Rs. 5,000/- Minimum + charges of transport agent)
Counter Withdrawal Charges    

Below Rs. 200,000/-

(Excluding Senior Citizens Scheme Accounts)
Auto Rs. 15/-
Utility Bill Payment    
Utility Bill Payment - Counter Auto Rs. 35/- per Utility Bill




Cheque Books

Auto Rs. 18/- per leaf
Continuous Cheque Leaves Auto / Manual  Rs. 18/- per leaf + printing charges
Service Fee    

Personal Accounts - Average Dr/Cr balance below Rs.10,000/-

(Excl. Senior Citizens Scheme Accounts)

Auto  Rs. 200/- per month 
Account Maintenance    
Other than Personal Accounts - Average Dr/Cr balance below Rs.25,000/- Auto Rs. 300/- per month 
Conversion of Account from Active to Dormant (One off Fee) Auto Rs. 50/-


Monthly N/A Free of Charge
Weekly Auto Rs. 1,000/- per month
Daily Auto Rs. 2,000/- per month 
E-Statement any frequency N/A Free of Charge

Undelivered Statement


Fee for Undelivered Current Account Statements


 Rs. 250/-

Stop Payments

Placement of stop payment Auto  

With funds - Rs. 2,000/-

Without Funds Rs. 4,000/-

Loss of Cheque book Auto    Rs. 3,000/- per book or series in excess of 5 leaves
Cancellation of Stop Payment Auto    Rs. 500/- per Cheque or series of 5 leaves
Other Service     
Closure of current account  Auto  Rs. 1,000/- 
Closure of Current Account for Unsatisfactory conduct Manual Rs. 1,000/- 
Processing charge on establishing TOD for Personal / Company / Other Accounts Auto

TOD Up to Rs. 100,000/- charge Rs. 2,000/- per month

TOD Above Rs 100,000/- charge Rs. 4,000/- per month




Cheque Returns

Outward - RD/ENR Auto   Rs. 4,000/-
Outward - Other (Technical errors) Auto  Rs. 500/-
Inward (where either Bank has not made a mistake) Auto

Rs. 100/- (including postage)

Rs. 50/- for SME Customers

Additional charge for collecting by hand Manual Rs. 1000/- per month

Mark for Payment

Presented by us to other banks Auto Rs. 4,000/-
Presented to us by other banks Manual Rs. 2,000/-

Post Dated Cheques

Handling Charges for customers with POD against PD cheques N/A Free of Charge
Handling Charges for customers without facilities Manual Rs. 50/- per Cheque

Local Bills Cheques Purchase

Customers with limits Manual In accordance with facility approval
Customers without limits Auto 0.75% of the value of the cheque or Rs.1,000 per cheque whichever is higher




Other Fee    
Duplicate FD receipt Manual Rs. 3,000/-


Pass Book    
Replacement due to loss of Pass Book Manual Rs. 500/-
Closure of savings account Auto Rs. 500/-
Account Maintenance    
Dormant Below Rs. 5,000/- Auto Rs. 50/- per month
Conversion of Account from Active to Dormant Auto Rs. 50/-

Savings Account Service Charge

(Excluding Minor Accounts)


Average Balance:

  • below Rs. 1,000 - Rs. 35/- per month 
  • Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000 - Rs.30/- per month
  • Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 3,000 - Rs.5/- per month


Setting up fee (Exempt for Savings build up) Auto Rs. 250/- per Standing Order 
Fund transfer within HNB N/A Free of Charge
Fund transfer to an account at any bank Auto Rs. 50/- per transaction
Fund transfer by Pay Order Auto Rs. 300/- per remittance
Amendments/Cancelation - (Amendment from and to accounts within HNB exempted) Auto Rs. 100/- 

OUTWARD REMITTANCES - LOCAL (Effective Date : 15-06-2020)

Cheque on Selves    
Issuance - A/c Debit Auto Rs. 500/-
Issuance - Other (Cash) Auto Rs. 1,000/-
Cancellation - Customers Manual     Rs. 500/-
Cancellation - Non Customers Manual Rs. 750/-



Per Transfer

Auto Rs. 400/-
Manual Fund Transfer    

Within HNB - Single txn

Auto Rs. 150/-

Within HNB - Multiple Trxn (Including - Cheque with multiple Credits)

Auto Rs. 150/- per beneficiary


Annual Rental    
Small  S/O Rs. 4,000/- + VAT per annum
Medium S/O Rs. 5,000/- + VAT per annum
Large S/O Rs. 7,500/- + VAT per annum
Extra large S/O Rs. 10,000/- + VAT per annum
Staff  (Deposit not required) S/O 50% of fee + VAT per annum
Replacement of Lock/Key Manual Actual cost




Retail Customers Auto Rs. 500/- per annum charged biannually
Corporate Customers Auto Rs. 1000/- for 4 corporate users per annum. Each additional user Rs.200/-
USSD Registration Auto Rs. 200/- per annum
Hardware Token Auto Rs. 2,000/- per Token
Transactions (Effective Date: 15-06-2020)    

CEFTS/Transfers through:

i. E-Banking
ii. Mobile Banking
iii. ATMs of respective member of CEFTS

Auto Rs. 50/- max. per transaction
CEFTS Transfer over the counter Auto Rs. 100/- max. per transaction
Fund transfer through ATM of other members of CEFTS Auto Rs. 100/- max. per transaction
Payment to IRD – Merchant type 4106 Auto Rs. 50/- max. per transaction
RTGS Auto Rs.400/-
SLIPS Auto Rs. 50/-
HNB Accounts N/A Free of Charges

SMS Alert

Joining Fee   Nil 
E-Banking   Free
Account Txns   Rs. 20/- per month
Account Balance   Rs. 15/- per month
Trade Finance   Rs. 30/- per month
Chq. Related   Rs. 20/- per month


All Types of Accounts     
Duplicate Statements - Personal A/c Auto

Rs. 400/- per statement

(Charges per account per request)

Duplicate Statements - Corporate A/c Auto

Rs. 600/- per statement

(Charges per account per request)

Issue of Certificate of Balance/ Financial Year End Statement for Audit purposes / Manual Letters issued to Malaysian Embassy etc. confirming currency issuance by placing liens Auto / Manual Rs. 350/- per letter
Investigation/Search Fee for collection of data for Tax purposes, 
Interest recovered/paid etc.

Current year- Rs. 350/-

Previous (each) year - Rs. 500/-

Balance Inquiry (including requests over the counter / telephone) Manual Rs. 100/- per inquiry
Postage of PIN Mailer N/A Regd. Post/Courier within SL - Free
Postage of PIN Mailer Manual Regd. Post - Overseas - Rs. 250/-
Postage of PIN Mailer Manual Courier - Overseas - Rs. 2,500/-
SWIFT NET 940    

Swift Net 940 Daily

  Rs. 500/- per month
Swift Net 940 Weekly   Rs. 300/- per month
Swift Net 940 Monthly   Rs. 200/- per month
Retrieval of Security Documents    
Retrieval and Processing Fee When Releasing Photocopies of Security Documents Manual Flat charge of Rs 750/- for each event
Email Sent as Retrieval and Processing Fee Per Customer When Security Documents are Scanned and Sent To Customers Registered Email Address Manual Rs 100/- for each event
Retrival and Processing Fee When Rush Delivery of Security Documents (Within 3 Hours) Manual Flat charge of Rs 1,750/- for each event
Adjusting Post Dated Cheque Limit    
Charge for Adjusting Post Dated Cheque Limit  Manual Rs 500/- for each change upwards 
Retrieval of Security Documents  w.e.f. 02-03-2020
When security documents are scanned by Centre and sent to the BM or BOM as an e-mail Manual Rs.200/- for each event
Retrieval and processing charges of security documents for fully settled facilities Manual Flat charge of Rs.400/- for each event
Temporary out of original security documents as per customer request Manual Rs.1,000/- each event




Amendment Effective from 01st April 2020


Issuing Fees

Classic Rs. 350
Platinum / CH17 Rs. 400

Wally E Prepaid

Rs. 300
Travel USD Prepaid Rs.250 A/C Holders & Rs.500 For Non A/C Holders

ATM Fees - Classic / Platinum / Wally E

HNB Rs. 5    
Lanka Pay Rs.30
Non Lanka Pay Rs.50

Balance Inquiry Lanka Pay

Rs. 7.50



Balance inquiry - On Screen


Balance inquiry - On Receipt

Rs. 2.00

Cash Withdrawal HNB

With Receipt – Rs. 10.00  

Without Receipt – Rs. 5.00

Overseas Cash Withdrawals 

USD 2.00

Overseas Balance Inquiry

USD 0.75

ATM Fund Transfer - Classic / Platinum

Within HNB Free
Other Banks Rs. 50

Receipts - Classic / Platinum / Wally E

Withdrawal Rs. 5
Mini Statement Rs. 5
Bill Payments Rs. 15

Travel USD Prepaid

Reload Fee 1% Of Load / Reload Value
Refund Fee USD 1.00
Balance Inquiry (Foreign ATM) USD 0.75
ATM Withdrawal (Foreign ATM) USD 2.00
Lost Card Rs. 500.00
HNB Mini Statement Receipt Rs. 5.00
HNB ATM Balance Inquiry Slip Rs. 5.00

ATM Service Fees (per transaction)

ATM Access Fee for all Foreign Card Withdrawals Rs. 450/-

Other Fees

Fuel Surcharge  1% of the payment value (on purchase of fuel)
Forex margin  2.5% (w.e.f 01st April, 2020)



Card Type Fee Type
Joining Fee Annual Fee

Credit Card Types

Classic / Regular Free LKR 1,000 
Classic / Regular - Supplementary Free Free
Gold Free LKR 2,000
Gold - Supplementary Free Free
Platinum Free LKR 3,000 
Platinum - Supplementary Free Free
Signature Free LKR 4,000
Signature - Supplementary Free Free
Infinite Free LKR 5,000
Infinite - Supplementary Free Free
MasterCard World Free Lifetime Annual fee waived off
Club Infinite Free Lifetime Annual fee waived off
HNB Corporate / Fuel card Free LKR 3,000
HNB Business / Fuel card Free LKR 3,000

Affinity Credit Cards

HNB ICASL (Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka) Affinity Platinum Free  LKR 3,000 
HNB ICASL (Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka) Affinity Signature  Free  LKR 4,000 
HNB AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Affinity Gold  Free  LKR 2,000 
HNB FAU (Flight Attendants Union) Affinity Platinum  Free 

LKR 3,000

*1st year annual fee waived off

*2nd year onwards 50% waived off from the annual fee 

HNB FAU (Flight Attendants Union) Affinity Signature  Free 

LKR 4,000 

*1st year annual fee waived off

*2nd year onwards 50% waived off from the annual fee 

HNB Royal College RCU (Royal College Union) Classic Free

LKR 1,000 

HNB Royal College RCU (Royal College Union) Platinum Free

LKR 3,000

Co - Branded Credit Cards

Toyota Platinum Free

LKR 3,000 

*Lifetime annual fee waiver - Based on spend of 25,000 monthly or 300,000 annually

Toyota - World Free 

LKR 4,000 

*Lifetime annual fee waiver - Based on spend of 25,000 monthly or 300,000 annually

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) - Corporate Card  Free 

LKR 3,000/-

* 1st year Annual fee is waived off 

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) - Employee Card  Free Depends on the card limit 
CIOB (Ceylon Institute of Builders) - Corporate Card Free LKR 3,000
CIOB (Ceylon Institute of Builders) - Employee Card Free Depends on the card limit
IFS - Signature Free LKR 4,000 
IFS - Infinite Free LKR 5,000 

Pre - approved Credit Cards

Prestige Prime – Platinum Free

LKR 3,000

*1st year Annual fee is waived off 

Prestige Prime – Signature Free

LKR 4,000

*1st year Annual fee is waived off 


Interest rate and other fee structure

Fee Type Amount
Interest Rate 18% per annum
Stamp Duty As per the notice of the Department of Inland Revenue, with effect from 1st January 2016, 2.5% will be charged as stamp duty from the Credit Card transactions done overseas, inclusive of online transactions performed on websites of companies incorporated overseas (Rs.25/- for every Rs.1000/- or part thereof)
Cash Advance Fee

Local Cash Withdrawals - 3% + LKR 100

International Cash Withdrawals - 3% + LKR 200

Late Payment Fee 0.75% of the credit limit or the total outstanding whichever is lower subject to a minimum of Rs. 750
Overlimit Fee LKR 500
Forex margin 2.5% (w.e.f. 01st April,2020)
Minimum Due Amount 4% of the Total Outstanding Amount (Reduced from 5% to 4% - w.e.f. 20th April,2020)(If the total outstanding as at the statement date, exceeds the credit limit, the minimum payment would be the sum of the excess amount over the credit card limit plus 4% of the outstanding balance)
Interest Free Period Minimum - 25 days, Maximum  - 55 days
Limit Enhancement Fee - Temporary LKR 300
Limit Enhancement Fee - Permanent LKR 250
Card Replacement LKR 500
Balance Confirmation Letter LKR 250
"Duplicate Statement Charge (Physical copy)
(Only applicable for customers currently not on the e-statement facility)"
LKR 400 per month of the period requested


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