The importance of clean and safe water for all living things cannot be overestimated.
Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Project

Providing safe drinking water and sanitation to many communities that lack this basic necessity, in line with the Millennium Development Goals has also been one of our priority projects over the past eight years. The Bank has supported villages, temples & churches, schools and drought hit areas with safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Currently HNB is involved in a project to provide drinking water and sanitation facilities to pilgrims vising the Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada).

Cancer Counseling Centre

HNB continues to support the Cancer Counselling Centre . The centre established in 2007 in association with the Maharagama National Cancer institute, was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to offer professional counselling services to patients as well as family members to overcome the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer. The HNB Sustainability Foundation took over the entire maintenance costs of the counselling centre in 2009, and approximately 3,000 people have been counselled to date. The Bank also helped set up a similar unit at the Teaching Hospital in Jaffna in 2011.

Financial Assistance to Cancer Patients

The HNB Sustainability Foundation through its ‘financial assistance to cancer patient's programme has supported 161 families to date. Patients/families identified by the Counseling Centre as those in need of financial assistance are provided a monthly financial supplement to overcome the financial burden of additional expenses due to cancer. This supplement is afforded over a period of 6 months and renewed depending on need.

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