Sustainability & CSR

What sustainability means to us

We believe that sustainability is built on enduring relationships and the premise that the sustainability of all stakeholders enriches and sustains our nation.

Our Approach

Sustainability has been and continues to be at the very core of the Bank’s corporate DNA and is an element that transcends from mere philanthropy to be a holistic and cohesive component of the long term corporate strategy, which in turn is reflective of the broader national and social priorities.

Sustainability Vision & Strategy

Our corporate vision “to be the acknowledged leader and chosen partner in providing financial solutions through inspired people” is the very foundation of our sustainability vision. Sustainability is therefore an integral component of our business model.

Sustainable development is an ongoing and continuous area of concern in strategic discussions, and is given full consideration when objectives, goals and targets are set, and is integrated with governance and accountability arrangements and risk management. The Bank ensures that sustainable development is featured at a strategic level, supported by leadership and envisioning, whilst also integrated into strategic priorities and all parts of the operational plan.

The Bank adopts a continuous and organic strategy review process which seeks to ensure that the Bank remains open to potential developments and windows of opportunity. As a result, we constantly make every effort to define our approach to sustainability and how it is managed across the Bank in a more explicit and lucid manner. Our approach now formally acknowledges that ‘sustainability’ is not a static agenda. Instead, both the materiality of sustainability issues and our response to them will evolve over time, as new issues emerge and priorities change. This evolution is all the more evident when we reflect on sustainability milestones over the years, and fully endorses the fluid and strategic nature of our sustainability actions.

Sustainability is at the very core of the Bank’s corporate strategy. By integrating social and environmental responsibility into core business processes and stakeholder management, the Bank recognises its ability to achieve the ultimate goal of creating both social and corporate value.

We are committed to serve all strata of society and through careful customer segmentation provide financial access and services across the continuum of socio demographic groups.

We believe sustainability management is an important precautionary approach to economic, social and environmental risk management. By implementing screening and risk rating procedures and exclusion lists.

Rigourous loan covenants and adherence to the green pledge we integrate responsible environmental practices into our core business and serve as a conduit for behavioural and attitudinal change in our key stakeholders.

Sustainability Reporting

We subscribe to the GRI Reporting Framework, which serves as a universally recognised framework for reporting on an organisation’s economic, environmental and social performance.

Sustainability Report 2016

HNB Annual Reports

HNB Sustainability Foundation

The HNB Sustainability Foundation was established in 2009 as an independent body to manage the community development initiatives of the Bank.

Key focus areas :

•  Education
•  Health
•  Environment
•  Empowering Entrepreneurs

Since HNB’s inception as Hatton Bank in 1888, in the rural hillsides of Hatton, the community has been its raison d’ etre. For over 12 decades we have created opportunities for communities from the rural hinterlands to towns and cities across the length and breadth of Sri Lanka. These opportunities “to partner their progress” have not only been via financial access but a direct engagement with the communities to uplift education, better healthcare and entrepreneurship development which are derived from the Millennium Development Goals established in 2004.


HNB Sustainability Initiatives in the News

HNB sweeps CCC Best Corporate Citizen Awards with 5 awards for sustainability

HNB takes top honors at National Productivity Awards for second year in a row

HNB Jaffna Green Building recognized at Energy Efficiency Awards

HNB Gami Pubuduwa to develop bamboo industry

HNB teams up once again with ‘Trail 2016’ as the Gold Sponsor

HNB Sathkara to pay homage to pensioners

HNB empowers local artisans and designers to shine at Sri Lanka Design Festival 2016

HNB celebrates opening of a new Student Savings Unit at St Joseph’s College, Colombo

HNB Provides financial inclusion to Watawala Plantations community

HNB Donates 50 Large Water Tanks to Drought Victims

HNB launches Disaster Relief Fund to help flood victims

HNB completes SME sustainability workshops in Greater Colombo and South Western Regions