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Our children are our future

When their future becomes bright, the world becomes a better place. What you save today for your children will be a great strength for them tomorrow. To enable them to realize their dreams, we are offering HNB Diri Daru scholarships.

The benefits we offer you



Scholarships and rewards for Minor account holders excelling in grade 05 Scholarship examination.

Category Prize Value If Minor A/c has a Standing Order Balance to be maintained before the Examination Account Type
All Island - 1st Rs. 200,000 No change in the prize Rs. 10,000/- Singithi Lama
All Island - 2nd Rs. 150,000
All Island - 3rd Rs. 100,000
District - 1st Rs. 20,000
All Students passing the Exam with the Cut Off marks Rs. 5,000 Rs. 10,000/-

The cut off mark for the examination will be announced by the Department of Examination.


GCE & London Ordinary Level examination

Category Prize Value Balance to be maintained before the Examination Account Type
GCE O/L - All Island 1st Rs. 100,000 Rs. 25,000/- HNB Teen A/c
GCE O/L - All Island 2nd Rs. 75,000
GCE O/L - All Island 3rd Rs. 50,000
Top 100 applicants (90 prizes for GCE O/L and 10 prizes for London O/L examination) Rs. 25,000


GCE & London Advanced Level examination

Category Prize Value
Balance to be maintained before the  Examination until the reward is granted Account Type
GCE A/L - All Island 1st  (in all Streams- Arts/ Commerce/Maths/Bio Science/Technology) Rs. 100,000 Rs. 35,000/- HNB Teen A/c, HNB You or HNB Normal Savings A/c
Top 50 Applicants(45 prizes for GCE A/L and 05 prizes for London A/L examination) Rs. 25,000
  • Examinations held from 2019 onwards will be eligible for Scholarships/ Rewards


Documents required to apply for cash rewards

  1. HNB Diri Daru application form
  2. Results sheet certified by the school Principal

Applications for rewards could be handed over to any HNB branch or can send by post to The Manager, Hatton National Bank, Deposit Mobilization Division, HNB Towers, Level 16, No:479, T B Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10. Period to submit applications for Grade 05 Scholarship examination, Ordinary Level Examination & Advanced Level Examination will be informed/ notified time to time as appropriate. One student will be eligible to receive rewards under one category only.



Terms and conditions


  1. The Bank will call for applications from eligible account holders through press & radio advertisements. (No customer will be personally notified)
  2. The required balances should be maintained in the account prior to the exam.
  3. The Bank’s decision on Diri Daru scholarships will be final and conclusive.
  4. The Bank reserves the rights to change / cancel this scholarship scheme without prior notice to customers.
  5. Parents / guardians of children selected for scholarships will be personally notified.
  6. The time period considered for the scholarship is from January to December of the particular year.
What must you do

Maintain a minimum deposit of Rs.25,000/- in your child’s HNB Singithi Lama account or HNB Teen account before the relevant exam or event and make him/her eligible for the scholarships or merit  awards.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Duly completed application form. (The form will be available at HNB branches and on www.hnb.net/bank-downloads)
  2. Copy of the examination results sheet certified by the school principal.





Diri Daru - Scholarship Scheme

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