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Who can open a Senior Foreign Nationals Special Account?

Senior foreign nationals over 55 years of age who wish to prolong their stay in Sri Lanka on Residence Visa.

Types of accounts

A - Senior Foreign Nationals "Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency Accounts" (SFNFDA)

A minimum deposit of USD 15,000 or equivalent in other convertible foreign currencies is required.


B - Senior Foreign Nationals Rupee (Savings/Current) Account (SFNRA)

In addition to the deposit account under category A, a monthly remittance of USD 1,500 for the principal applicant and USD 750, or equivalent in other foreign currency, for accompanying spouse and each dependent child for their upkeep in Sri Lanka shall be deposited in these accounts under the account holder's name.

Accounts in this category should carry a minimum balance of USD 1,500 or equivalent.

Senior Foreign Nationals Special Accounts

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