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Fuelling Your Future

Get what you want to fuel your future with HNB Youth that offers a host of exclusive benefits for you to take on life.

HNB YOUTH is Made for You




  • For the Youth between 18-30 years of age.
  • This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs. 2,000/-



Benefits You Receive from HNB YOUTH

  • An HNB Youth Savings Account with higher interest rates.
  • Free internet and mobile banking facility with HNB Digital Banking App
  • HNB Credit Card with no joining fee and first year annual fee waived off
  • Educational, Home, Vehicle and Entrepreneurial Loans at lower interest rates
  • Get 3 times of your salary as an Overdraft facility or a Personal Loan with the HNB Youth Salary Smart Account.
  • Make cashless payments conveniently through SOLO by HNB.
  • Up to 12 months 0% installments at selected Educational Institutes for HNB Credit Cardholders.
  • An HNB Minor Savings Account (Singithi Kirikatiyo) with a free deposit of Rs. 1,000 for your newborn baby.
  • Special discounts and benefits from Universities, Educational Institutes and Telecommunication service providers.
  • Cash Backed facility at concessionary rate
  • Branded Youth Debit card
  • Enjoy special benefits by opening of HNB Youth Salary smart account. For more details click here
    • Bristol Institute of Business Management (Pvt) Ltd

      Receive a discount of Rs. 50,000/- on MBA, LLM and MSc in Accounting and Finance programs, and a discount of Rs. 250,000/- on BSc Accounting and Finance and BA Business Management programs for HNB Youth Account holders.

    • ICBT

      Discount offer of Rs. 50,000 offered for MBA program offered by Cardiff Metropolitan University at ICBT Campus.

    • MSI - Management and Science Institute

      Registration Fee waived off on all their programs for the Youth account holders

    • Indeepa College of Technology

      Discount offer 10% for the certificate level courses and 15% for the diploma level courses for the HNB youth account holders.

      Diploma in multimedia graphic

      Diploma in multimedia 3D Animation

      Diploma in multimedia Video

      Certificate in computer science

      Certificate in Graphic design

    • UCL - Universal College Lanka

      Receive a 50% discount on registration fee

    • Mercury Institute

      Receive a discount of 25% on all programmes

    • SLIM

      For all certificate level programs 12.5%.

      • Marketing in Sinhala (MIS)
      • Marketing in Tamil (MIT)
      • Profession Certificate in Marketing Offline & online (PCM)
      • Certificate in Services Marketing (CSM)
      • Pharmaceutical Marketing
      • Certificate in Entrepreneur Marketing (CEM)
      • Certificate In Digital Marketing (CDM)
      • Business English (BPE)


      For all Diploma level & Status programmes 10%.

      • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Pgdip)
      • National Diploma in Sales Management(NDSM)
      • Diploma in Strategic Marketing (DSBM)
      • Diploma in Digital Marketing (DDM)
      • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
      • Certified Professional Marketer(CPM)


      For training programmes. 15%

        • License to Sell (LTS)
        • Digital Tool Kit
        • For workshops



      GBP 50


    • ANC

      Receive ten percent (10%) fee deduction from the course fee for the following programmes for HNB Youth account holders: (Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology, BA(Hons) International Business Management, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Business, Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, Advanced Diploma in Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, BBA in Management, BBA in International Business Management, BBA in Managing information systems, BBA in Hospitality, BBA in Cyber Security)

    • Imperial College of Business Studies

      Receive Five percent (5%) discount on our total course fee to anyone with the HNB youth account who enrolls for their courses. This will include undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses.

    • Horizon campus

      Receive a 50% discount from the registration fee on all the courses for HNB Youth account holders.

    • BMS

      1. HND (Business Management)
      Course fee : LKR 330,000/- + £ 241/-
      Discount percentage : 10% (Local Fee)

      2. Graduate Diploma In Management
      Course fee : LKR 185,000/-
      Discount Percentage : 15%

      3. Certificate in Business Management
      Course fee : LKR 40,000/-
      Discount Percentage : 10%

    • Achievers Lanka Business School
      • CIMA

      40% Discount for all stages - Platinum Membership

      • ACCA

      40% Discount for all stages - Platinum Membership

      *Platinum membership course fee has to be paid upfront

    • ESoft Metro Campus

      Additional Discount of 5% for all HNDs, BSCs, MSCs ,MBA.

    • BCAS City Campus
      • BSc (Hons) Business Administration – SOLENT University UK

HND BM 320,000/-  Discount -30,000

Top up    475,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • BSc (Hons) Accountancy & Finance – SOLENT University UK

HND BM 320,000/-  Discount -30,000

Top up    475,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • BSc (Hons) Software Engineering - SOLENT University UK

HND        310,000/-  Discount -30,000

Top up    475,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • BSc (Hons) Computer Systems & Networks - SOLENT University UK

HND        310,000/-  Discount - 30,000

Top up    475,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Management - SOLENT University UK

HND        310,000/-  Discount -30,000

Top up    475,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science – OXFORD Brookes University UK

HND        592,500/-  Discount - 45,000

Top up    695,000/-  

          • BSc (Hons) Quantity surveying - OXFORD Brookes University UK

HND        339,000/-  Discount -30,000

Top up    625,000/-  Discount - 50,000 

          • LLB (Hons) LAW - OXFORD Brookes University UK

Total cost – 1.95 Million   Discount – 200,000 

          • GLOBAL MBA – SOLENT University UK

Total  525,000/-  Discount – 75,000/-


      • IMC | AIC Campus 

        Up to 50% discounts (Conditions apply).

        AIC Campus -  *From course fee

        HND programs- 50% discounts 

        Civil and Mechanical Engineering- 10% Discount

        Psychology and Early Childhood Lincoln University-10% Discount

        Psychology UWP-33% Discount (1st and 2nd year )

        Biomedical-25% discount

        Biotechnology HND-50% from the tuition fee

        CPU-10% Discount


      • ICON Business School ICON Business school has agreed to offer a special 50% discount for ACCA Knowledge level & 25% for CIMA Certificate level for HNB Youth account holders.


    • IDM Nations Campus 

      Exclusive Offers for HNB Customers

      No. Programmes Discount*
      1 Diploma Programmes 20%
      2 Higher Diploma Prgrammes 15%
      3 Degree Programmes 10%
      4 PGD Programmes 10%
      5 Master Programmes 10%

      *Discounts applicable for the Course Fees not for Registration Fee or Examination Fee or University Payments.

    • IVEY Campus50% off on registration fee for PG Diploma in Strategic Marketing for HNB Youth account holders.

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