Singithi Lama - Newborn to 12 years

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Don’t be afraid to take the next big step

Gift your child with all the opportunities a Singithi Lama Account offers. The Singithi Lama savings account is a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of saving.

The benefits we offer you

What must you do

HNB Singithi Lama Account will be automatically converted to a HNB Teen Account on the child’s 12th birthday

Minimum deposit to open an account


  • Rs.500/-



  • Childs birth certificate
  • Parent’s/guardian’s NIC copy
Gift Scheme


Account balance Rs 



 1,000/- Singithi jumbo till  
 5,000/- Water bottle  
 10,000/- School bag  
 25,000/- An exciting gift  
 50,000/- Rs 1,500 voucher  
 100,000/- Rs 5,000 voucher  
250,000/- Rs 10,000 voucher  
500,000/- Rs 20,000 voucher  





Singithi Lama - Newborn to 12 years

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