Remittance Houses

Remittance Houses
Remittance Houses, also referred to as Exchange Houses or Remitting Agencies, are institutions with whom HNB has agreements to facilitate receipt of remittances from overseas destinations to Sri Lanka. These institutions offer a means of transferring (remitting) money to accounts of beneficiaries or enable beneficiaries to collect cash at one of HNB's Branches. This is a legal, official form of Money Transfer and is secure and fast.

Use the form below to find an exchange house in your country of residence through which to remit to Sri Lanka:

If an exchange house is not available, you can always transfer using our Correspondent Banking arrangements.

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Worldwide Remittance Arrangements

  • MoneyGram Payment System Inc. (MoneyGram)
  • RIA Financial Services (RIA)
  • Western Union Financial Services (WU)