Easy Cash Installment Plan

What is it?
  • Access to cash with no hassle with HNB ECIP and settle at your convenience with monthly installments. Simply call us on 0112462462 OR complete the ECIP form and hand it over to your the nearest HNB branch.
  • You can obtain and ECIP facility for up to 75% of your card limit (subject to the available balance on your Credit Card).
  • The minimum ECIP amount will be Rs. 25,000/-. Funds will be credited direct to your designated HNB account or other Bank account (handling fee of Rs.100/- will be applied for crediting non HNB bank accounts) within 3 working days.
  • All HNB Credit Cards excluding Mastercard Corporate, Businesscard and Visa Classic/Mastercard Regular are eligible for this facility, subject to qualifying criteria of the Bank.
How does it work?


Illustration for LKR 50,000 ECIP facility;

 Month  Fee Capital (Rs.) Handling Fee (Rs.) Monthly Installment (Rs.)
3 7 16,666.67 3,500.00 16,666.67
6 9 8,333.33 4,500.00 8,333.33
12 13 4,166.67 6,500.00 4,166.67
24 25 2,083.33 12,500.00 2,083.33


HNB Easy Cash Installment Plan Application 




Easy Cash Installment Plan

How can I get this product?


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