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Doubling your rewards as you travel around the world

The HNB Visa Debit Card is available to any HNB customer with a Savings, Current, NRFC, RFC, RNNFC, FCBU, Individual/Joint or Proprietorship Account. If you have any of these accounts, you are eligible for a HNB Visa Debit Card which can be used locally and internationally at merchants that accept MasterCard and Visa. 

Enjoy the perks of your international debit card

  • Enjoy Point-of-sale transactions, online payments and ATM access
  • Pay utility bills, settle HNB card bills and make fund transfers      


Want to access your Visa Debit card abroad?

  • No activation needed for overseas ATM use
  • For Point of Sale or International Payment Gateway activation call +94 11 2 462 462
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HNB Visa International Debit Card

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