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HNB sets new standards in green banking with latest sustainability achievements

Sri Lanka’s leading private sector bank, HNB PLC, proudly announced its latest achievements in sustainability, underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener future for Sri Lanka. 

In a bold move underscoring its dedication to a sustainable future, HNB has earmarked funds from its successful paper recycling programme to support a series of ambitious green projects commencing in 2024. The initiatives will enhance energy efficiency, promote renewable energy, and further reduce the carbon footprint.

The bank implemented innovative initiatives and forward-thinking strategies to position itself as a critical driver in the nation’s journey towards sustainability. HNB achieved a significant reduction in paper consumption by 60% through its aggressive push towards digitalization and waste minimization efforts. Moreover, the successful paper recycling programme mitigated its ecological footprint while supporting future sustainability projects financially. 

Reflecting on the bank’s sustainability journey, CHRO / Head of Sustainable Business Unit - K Indravasan stated, “Our dedication to sustainability reflects our commitment to our community and the planet. The progress we’ve made and our plans for 2024 underscore our aim to lead in environmental excellence, contributing to a more sustainable Sri Lanka.”

HNB has always worked towards integrating sustainability into its core operations, setting a precedent for corporate responsibility in Sri Lanka and contributing to the preservation of natural resources. 

The bank’s #Walk the Talk initiative, a cornerstone of HNB’s sustainability efforts for the past several years, has significantly promoted environmental awareness and sustainable living among its employees and the wider community. This programme, emblematic of HNB’s long-term commitment to environmental stewardship, encourages sustainable commuting options, such as walking and cycling, effectively reducing individual carbon footprint] and fostering a culture of health and environmental responsibility. 

The enduring impact of #Walk the Talk is evident in its widespread adoption and the positive behavioral changes it has inspired, reinforcing HNB’s role as a sustainability leader in the banking sector and beyond.

With 254 customer centers and 800+ Self Service machines  (SSMs) nationwide, HNB is one of Sri Lanka’s largest, most technologically innovative private banks. Consolidating its legacy in sustainability, good governance, and corporate excellence, HNB was crowned the Best Corporate Citizen for 2022 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Best Corporate Citizen Awards. The bank further secured four additional accolades, including being ranked among the Top 10 Best Corporate Citizens and taking home the Governance category and Sustainability Champion for the Finance sector titles.

 Additionally, HNB was ranked among the World’s Top 1,000 Banks list compiled by the prestigious UK-based Banker Magazine for the sixth consecutive year in 2022, in addition to being crowned the Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka for the 13th occasion at the prestigious International Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2023 hosted by the Asian Banker Magazine.