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HNB upgrades Singithi ‘Giftober’ Savings month with exciting new digital offerings

Sri Lanka’s most customer friendly bank, HNB PLC, announced the return of its highly anticipated Singithi ‘Giftober’ Savings month, updated this year to include a host of exciting new toys, electronic devices ideally suited for the bank’s increasingly digitally savvy young customers.

In order to provide HNB customers the maximum opportunity to get maximum value on their deposits, this year’s HNB Singithi ‘Giftober’ Savings month will run from September 17th through to end of October.

“The start of HNB’s Singithi ‘Giftober’ Savings month is always an exciting time for all of us at HNB. We see this time of the year as an unprecedented opportunity to either introduce or rejuvenate the savings habit among our youngest customers. By giving these kids a limited time-frame to capture maximum value, we are able to challenge our Singithi customers to personally commit to a savings goal which we can tangibly reward when they succeed. This in turn helps place them on the path to a secure financial future, fueled by a persistent savings habit,” HNB Chief Employee Experience Officer/Assistant General Manager – Deposits and Remittances, Kalum Wijesooriya said.

In keeping with its mission to offer customer value that is maximised and personalised, this year’s savings promotion will offer an unprecedented range of gifts to Singithi depositors starting from items such as HNB branded mugs and school bags,to a selection of the most popular electronic devices – including headphones, Bluetooth speakers, MI fitness trackers and mobile phones from Samsung and Apple. Additional gift options also include tablets, laptops, Smart TVs and gold sovereigns.

In order to put the most choice in the hands of its customers, HNB has also partnered with Abans, Singer, and Softlogic in order to provide depositors with the option of redeeming vouchers of equivalent value at any of their retail outlets.

“We wanted to ensure that we have something to offer each of our young depositors that will truly delight them. That is why this year’s Singithi Giftober Savings Month has been upgraded to take into account the changing preferences of our youngest customers – who lead increasingly digitally oriented lifestyles. At the same time, we also offer all of the traditional toys and other items which our Singithi customers have grown up with for generations. This is yet another example of HNB’s pioneering approach to banking and saving that blends the old and the new in order to provide the best value from both worlds,” HNB Senior Manager- Deposits, Viranga Gamage explained.

Additionally, HNB’s long-running savings till exchange offer – which has been foundational to the savings habit of generations of Sri Lankans – will continue to run in October. During the month – which is also globally celebrated as Thrift month, – children can bring in their tills in which they have collected coins and deposit it with HNB in exchange for a new Jumbo Till. Notably, all of the Singithi Giftober Savings month offers will stack over all existing savings rewards and incentives offered to Singithi depositors year-round.

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