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HNB ties-up Johann Peries and Jayanthi Kuru - Utumpala as Brand Ambassadors

(Left to right) Chammika Weerasinghe, Head of Marketing, HNB, Chiranthi Cooray, Chief Human Resource Officer/ Deputy General Manager - Human Resources, HNB, Johann Peries, Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala, Jonathan Alles, Managing Director/CEO, HNB and Sanjay Wijemanne, Deputy General Manager - Retail Banking, HNB

Celebrity mountaineers Johann Peries and Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala, the first Sri Lankans to summit Mt Everest,have inked a partnership with HNB, Sri Lanka’s largest private sector bank, as its Brand Ambassadors.

Inspired by the mountaineering duo’s attempt at scaling and reaching the summits of the seven highest mountain peaks in each continent of the world, HNB says this partnership builds on shared values of passion, dedication and extremely hard work.

Currently in Argentina to scale the formidable Mt. Aconcagua, Johann and Jayanthi’s historical feat have made them a household name – one that is associated with incredible endurance and sportsmanship. They connect with more than 14,000 fans across \social media channels, offering audiences a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of mountain climbing.

Commenting on the tie-up, Managing Director and Chief Executive of HNB, Jonathan Alles said, “Johann and Jayanthi are among the greatest champions of our times and our respect for them goes beyond sport. Our partnership is motivated by the core values HNB shares with them. Hiking to the tallest peak requires a single-minded focus to persevere and achieve the highest point of excellence. It needs determination, strength of body and unbreakable trust in your team. The duo has more than proved to be spirited and committed to take on this endeavour. They have come together working as a team to create history in Sri Lanka through their shared love for mountaineering”.

HNB takes immense pride in associating with Johann and Jayanthi, and our best wishes are with them to continue with their goal of summiting the seven peaks", Alles added.

Speaking on the partnership with HNB, Peries and Kuru-Utumpala were both clear that they are fully committed to conquering the heights, regardless of the challenges that they would come across. “We share a strong goal with HNB, which is tenacity to fight all odds in achieving a dream vision, courage to do the unthinkable, passion and endurance and to have a positive impact on the world around us. We look forward to combining our endeavors to help tackle challenges and transform mindsets to doing the impossible.”

As part of the adventurous duo’s journey with HNB, there will be seminars and workshops for the Bank’s employees where Johann and Jayanthi will impart skills, knowledge and tools inherent to their venture; to create a culture of courage to do the unthinkable on which path HNB has already mapped its route.

Operating across 251 customer centres across the country, HNB stands as Sri Lanka's leading bank, having been recognised by several renowned international and local institutions for excellence in diverse fields. In 2018 HNB was recognized by the prestigious ‘Asian Banker Magazine' as the ‘Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka' for the tenth time.

Johann and Jayanthi at Aconcagua Base Camp