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A new dawn in digital payments: HNB launches Solo eWallet

Sanjay Wijemanne - Deputy General Manager- Retail Banking, HNB

Laying the foundation for a comprehensive digital payment ecosystem in Sri Lanka, the country's most innovative bank, Hatton National Bank PLC, announced the launch of its own digital wallet and payment app, HNB Solo.

Providing users with complete freedom in digital payments, Solo is designed to empower – enabling complete flexibility to handle any transaction anywhere whether it be purchasing from an established retail franchise or even a small stall or three-wheeler.

"We have noticed a perceptible shift in customers choosing to conduct their transactions on comprehensive digital platforms. The convenience and flexibility of not being constrained by time allows customers the ease of completing transactions efficiently from any location. The Solo eWallet offers our large customer base the option of cashless and digitally enabled payments with the swipe of a screen," HNB Deputy General Manager, Retail Banking, Sanjay Wijemanne said.

Users can sign up with HNB Solo by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. Once downloaded any customer can register for SOLO by entering the mobile number and personal details with no requirement for paperwork at a branch office. Customers also have the option of connecting the app directly to their bank account or VISA/ MASTER credit or debit card.

Thereafter, the user can simply scan the SOLO QR code at any Solo merchant to complete any transaction through VISA, Master Card or JustPay platforms with just the press of a button and the swipe of a screen.

"Simplicity, security and reliability are at the core of HNB Solo's design philosophy, and we have channelled massive efforts towards creating a user interface that is intuitive and rewarding, while the entire service is designed for ease of use, every-time. The system is designed to be quick and efficient to the point of downloading the app and connecting a bank account in a matter of seconds.

"Naturally, the primary benefit of this system is for the customer, but we are also pushing forward a broader goal with the launch of Solo, which is to introduce technology to even the merchants. By removing obstacles to transactions, we can ensure that even when you are short on physical cash, making payments is not a challenge, our users have the freedom to transact anywhere, while vendors are given unprecedented ability to gain new customers.

The launch of HNB Solo is the latest in a long series of innovations brought to market in Sri Lanka by the bank, which over the recent past, also introduced Asia's first ever fitness linked savings product in the form of HNB FIT Savings Account.

Given the scale at which HNB is planning to expand Solo into the Sri Lankan market, extensive efforts had also been channelled towards maintaining best-in-class security protocols including the use of Multi-level authentication and the use of a One-Time Passwords (OTP) SMS system to ensure complete security across every transaction. A dedicated 24x7 user- support hotline has also been created for HNB Solo accessible by simply dialling: +94 4523523.