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Say Hello To Youth!
You are young only once. The liveliness and enthusiasm that drive you in rearranging the world to a new viewpoint is simply unparalleled. You learn life as responsibilities and commitments; you begin to plan your future while aiming for higher ambitions. So don’t hold yourself back from embarking on new trails and challenges... as long as HNB You is there to open up the most ideal doorways for you.
HNB YOU is Made for You


This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs. 2,000/-



Benefits You Receive from HNB YOU

  • Higher interest rates for your savings.
  • Reduced interest rates for Educational, Vehicle, Micro Finance & Home Loans.
  • Free internet and mobile banking facility.
  • A Credit Card with no joining fee & first year annual fee free.
  • Opportunity to receive Pathum Vimana Rewards (Up to Rs. 100,000 or more to celebrate your 21st birthday, graduation and many more special occasions).
  • Free HNB Travel Card.
  • My Life Insurance policy at a special premium.


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