Special Package for Selected IT Companies

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Special Package for Selected IT Companies


  • Repayment Tenure upto 8 Years
  • Early Settlement / Part Settlement penalty waived off
  • 20 times the salary* (Conditions apply)

*Conditions Apply



  • Grace period up to 5 years. (Capital repayment waiver)
  • Flexible repayment of the loan capital as you desire.
  • Special discount from selected building material suppliers through HNB loyalty cards
  • Step up loan repayment based on your future increase of the income.
  • Legal and other documentation assistance
  • Mortgage advisory services at your doorstep.

*Conditions Apply



  • Residual up 40%
  • No Gurantors
  • Flexi Plan
  • Pay capital twice (Every Six months)
  • Upfront step up / Step down & balloon payment plan
  • 25% Insurance premium to be borne by HNB with a cap of LKR 50,000 for the 1st year only.

*Conditions Apply



  • No joining fee
  • 1st Year annual fee waived off
  • Supplementary card lifetime free
  • Free SMS alerts
  • No fuel surcharge
  • Free accidental death insurance cover
  • Free overseas travel & health insurance cover
  • Flexible payment options
  • 0% installment plans

*Conditions Apply



  • Micro Financing based on micro business done by the spouse or family members of the IT employee, HNB could finance for Capital investments, Working Capital or any other financial need which is as below;
    • Startups
    • Ongoing projects
    • To absorb from other banks
    • IT sector employee’s salary (One third) to be considered for repayment of the micro financing facility for Spouse or Parents.
  • Increase usage of technology in their business activities (Special pricing scheme to be provided based on the business)
    • WebX pay
    • ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
    • Solo/MOMO/POS

*Conditions Apply



  • Multiple cards could be issued within the overall limit.
  • No joining fee
  • Free SME alert service
  • Up to 55 days’ credit facility.
  • Discounts at merchant’s outlets
  • Free travel insurance cover if the Air tickets are purchased using the card
  • Local & Global acceptability.
  • Convenience in reconciliation
  • Free membership to access 850 +Lounge Key access

*Conditions Apply



 Account Type    General Savings – Existing & fresh deposits  
 Minimum Deposit   Rs 100,000 
 Maximum loan quantum   50% 
 Interest on the loan   0% 
 Tenure of the loan   Exclusively for 24 months 
 Repayment method  Settlement every month on installments or at once at the end of the 24th month. 
 Collateral   The deposit will be held under the lien for 24 months. (100%)  

*Conditions Apply


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Personal Loans

Personal loan Tenure  With salary Remittance
3 / 4 Years 8.75%
5 Years 9.75%
7 Years 10.25%
8 Years 10.50%


Housing Loans

Housing loan Tenure  With salary Remittance
3 7.75%
5 9.00%
10 9.50%



Leasing Tenure  Unregistered/Registered
Interest Rate  Rental for 100,000
3 Years 11.75% 3278
4 Years 12.00% 2608
5 Years 12.25% 2215
6 Years 12.75% 1974
7 Years 13.00% 1800
Rates to be offered only if salary is remitted to HNB if not 0.25% to be added to the said rates


The rates mentioned are applicable only till 31st March 2020


*Conditions Apply


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