Singithi Jumbo Avurudu 2023

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Singithi Jumbo Avurudu 2023
A load of Jumbo gifts for the little ones who save with their HNB Singithi Accounts from 16th March - 28th April 2023.
Deposit Amount (Rs.) Gift Item
5,000 Jumbo Pen Holder
10,000 Jumbo till or Kids Umbrella
25,000 Trendy Back pack or Stationery set
50,000 School Bag or GV Rs 2,000
100,000 GV Rs. 5,000
250,000 GV Rs. 12,500
500,000 GV Rs. 25,000
1,000,000 GV Rs. 50,000



Other benefits from HNB Singithi:

  • When you place a monthly Standing Order to your child’s HNB Singithi Account, HNB will protect your little one at an instance of an unfortunate demise and continue the Standing Order until he/ she reaches the age of 18 years.

This promotion is open to HNB Singithi, HNB Teen and HNB Singithi Surekum Account holders below 16 years of age.


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