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HNB takes their ‘Salary Smart’ product to a new level

Kalum Wijesooriya, Assistant General Manager –Deposits and Remittances and Chief Employee Experience Officer at HNB and Viranga Gamage, Senior Manager, Deposits at HNB Sri Lanka

Launches a benefits - rich scheme where your salary works for you and your family 

HNB recently announced the launch of ‘Salary Smart’, their benefits-laden salary saver product, offered not just for the salaried account- holder but the immediate as well as extended family. ‘Salary Smart’ comes with a host of special benefits not just only for the salaried customer but with a bundle of banking options for the spouse and children plus parents, thereby catering to meeting the entire banking needs of the customer, helping him fulfill his duties and responsibilities.

Salary Smart’s best in class features include a permanent overdraft facility of three months of salary, renewable annually or 50% of a salary as an immediate advance, Platinum credit card, branded debit card with a free supplementary credit card for the spouse, cheque book plus the ability to open a high interest capital savings account with just LKR 5,000 as opposed to the normal LKR 50,000, for easy transfer of money between accounts. Attractive interest schemes, special minor savings schemes where the Bank will contribute towards the ‘Singithi Kiri Katiyo’ account are all part of the bundle of special services which HNB has carefully curated based on customer feedback and requirements.

The offers are innumerable – Personal Installment Loan facilities at reduced rates of interest, safety locker rental schemes plus a debt consolidation package are all entitlements, the latter of which a customer could transfer a liability held with any other bank to HNB, obtaining special concessions. Future personal loans and leases will not require guarantors or collateral, the only requirement being a monthly remuneration of LKR 50,000/- which has to be routed to the account at HNB.

“We are delighted to offer our most valuable customers a very special product where their salary works not just for themselves but their immediate and extended family too” said HNB’s Assistant General Manager - Deposits and Remittances and Chief Employee Experience Officer, Kalum Wijesooriya.

Wijesooriya went on to note that one’s salary is very precious and helping them extend their money to their loved ones becomes all the more meaningful. “At HNB we are conscious of our commitment in assisting our customers with their family duties and responsibilities.” He added.

HNB Salary SMART account offers Salary Overdraft facility & free HNB Debit card for salaried professionals

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