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HNB Felicitates Long - Serving Employees

The 25 years service awards for long serving employees was organized at Hatton National Bank PLC on 14 August 2015. 83 staff members who joined the Bank in 1989 were recognized for their loyalty at this grand ceremony.
25 years service awards is a much looked forward to event in HNB's calendar. This year too a grand ceremony was organized and graced by the Managing Director/CEO, Mr Jonathan Alles, Chief Operating Officer, Mr Dilshan Rodrigo, Chief Human Resource Officer, Mrs Chiranthi Cooray and other members of the Corporate Management. The staff were presented with a gold coin and a plaque to commemorate their loyalty and support to HNB for over a quarter century. The evening ended on high note with dinner for the staff and their families with entertainment and music being provided by talented HNB staff.
Commenting on the event Mrs Chiranthi Cooray, Chief Human Resource officer said 'at HNB we always consider the 25 years service awards as a celebration of trust and partnership. We are deeply privileged to recognize the incredible contribution made by the long term employees across the years. HNB has been fortunate to be able to conduct this event on an annual basis and this year too 83 staff members have been rewarded for their loyalty to our Bank. Our employees have the freedom of expression and are treated with respect and trust. We promote an environment that is ethical, embraces diversity, equality and inclusivity. We work together in partnership and collaboration towards a common goal to achieve a better work life balance. We are always conscious of the psychological contract that we share with our employees and safeguard and strengthen it with each member of staff throughout their working career'.
HNB's HR has been consistently recognized for its best practices as a strategic business partner. During the period 2014/15 the Bank was awarded the prestigious "Gold" award at the HRM Awards 2014 organised by the Association of Human Resource Professionals; Award for Talent Management at the Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2014 organized by the World HRD Congress; Overall Award for 'Best Results Based Training' for the fourth consecutive year at the Asia's Training & Development Excellence Awards 2015 organized by the World HRD Congress; and Merit Awards for "Talent Management" and "People Development" at the National HR Excellence Awards organized by the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) Sri Lanka.

The staff members with the Managing Director/CEO, HNB, Mr Jonathan Alles Mrs Chiranthi Cooray, Chief Human Resource Officer, HNB and members of the Corporate Management.

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