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Thirty One days of happiness with HNB credit cards

Living up to their credit card tagline 'Don't postpone happiness', Hatton National Bank has made arrangements to allow their credit cardholders to enjoy the spirit of the season. Joining up with merchant partners ranging from varying sectors of the market, HNB will be providing special discounts and offers throughout December for the benefit of the customer.

With the promotional theme of '30% off for 31 days', HNB will provide value for the customers in a direct way through a wide variety of offers.
The bank has already begun providing 50% to 40% off for hotel stays for the cardholders lasting up to the fifteenth of December. In addition, the bank has made arrangements with Amaya- Pasikuda, where the cardholder will receive a special promo discount of up to 50% until January 31, 2015.

From the first of December to the thirty first, HNB cardholders will enjoy a hamper promo of 10% at Arpico Super Centres and up to 15% off for purchases made at
Among HNB merchant partners for the season are reputed brand names in Sri Lanka such as House of Fashion, Babycare, DI, Kids Unlimited, Interfashion, Moonage, Parfumerie, Emerald and Crocodile outlets, Choice Park and Glitz outlets, Hameedias, CIB and Abstract.

Speaking about the previous seasonal promotions conducted by HNB, Nalin Dissanayake, Manager - Card Services said, "This is something our cardholders look forward to. They look forward to this because they actually know they get real value. At the same time this is the only way that the bank can reciprocate the relationship that HNB maintains with the customer."

Hatton National Bank offers chip-based VISA branded cards and MasterCards. The bank covers a whole range of the card spectrum, from the entry level, classic to gold to their premium card range, VISA Platinum, VISA Signature and VISA Infinite.

Being an environmentally conscious bank, HNB has taken measures to ensure that the bank uses electronic channels in its transactions with the cardholders. Therefore the customers are presented with convenient solutions such as free SMS alerts, e-statements and internet banking.

The HNB credit cards also offer the cardholder the advantage of multiple payment options through the strong HNB branch network and the ability to make real-time payments for their card statement through HNB ATMs island wide.

For the high-end VISA Signature and Infinite cards, the bank offers 40% off for 40 Days at the Kingsbury Hotel for Dining.
Moreover, FlySmile rewards are also offered for any transaction local or overseas.
Speaking of HNB cards, Roshantha Jayathunge, Manager- Card Centre, stated that the offers are targeted at the different segments of cardholders and that the seasonal promotions will showcase that fact.

Further speaking of the HNB credit cards, Mr Dissanayake revealed that the bank has made arrangements for a series of promotions which will commence from the beginning of January, 2015. These promotions will cater to the entire card range.
Adding to the promotional plans for the coming year, Mr Jayathunge said, "So many things to come for the cardholder, so many things to look forward to in the new year."
HNB invites the cardholders to enjoy the coming festive season with '30% off for 31 days of Happiness'.

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