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All Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka

Contribution towards CA

An incentive of 0.1% per transaction through the HNB CA Affinity card is given to ICASL.



Fee Type / Other Information


Joining Fee


Annual Fee

Platinum   - LKR 3,000/-

Signature - LKR 4,000/-


28% p.a

Stamp Duty

As per the notice of the Department of Inland Revenue, with effect from 1st January 2016, 2.5% will be charged as stamp duty from the Credit Card transactions done overseas, inclusive of online transactions performed on websites of companies incorporated overseas (Rs.25/- for every Rs.1000/- part)

Cash Advance Fee

Local - 3% + LKR 100/-

Intl - 3% + LKR 200/-

Late Payment Fee

0.75% of the credit limit or the total outstanding whichever is lower subject to a minimum of Rs. 750/- (Minimum payment per month 5% out of the Total Outstanding Amount)

Overlimit Fee

LKR 500/-

HNB CA Affinity Credit Card

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