Responding to our stakeholders

At HNB we believe that stakeholder engagement is a strategic activity that is core to creating a sustainable business and promoting good governance. Thus, connecting with our many and varied stakeholders is a vital aspect of our operations. Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders helps us understand expectations and contributes to risk management, learning and innovation. It also helps us to identify emerging issues and opportunities for creating new products and services and improving our performance.

We interact with a diverse range of stakeholders but given the criticality of only certain stakeholders to direct business function we choose to have a robust and consistent engagement process. Based on the materiality and stakeholder engagement initiatives carried out in 2015 and 2016 internally, and with external consultants namely M/s Ernst & Young and M/s Perpetual Solutions there are changes in the scope and accept boundary from the previous report. We have summarised the issues raised by our key stakeholders and our responses to them in the Annual Report.