"Win a Nissan Leaf" - New World Rewards

HNB New World Rewards – Think Digital, Win Digital

Sri Lanka's First Online Banking Rewards Scheme!

How many clicks away are you from a Nissan Leaf?

With every transaction on HNB’s mobile and internet banking platforms you get the chance to win.

  • New sign ups - 3 points
  • Bill payment – 1 point
  • 1 Other bank fund transfer – 1 point
  • Opening of 1 virtual account – 1 point
  • 1 point equals 1 chance in the draw

(e.g. 50 points equal 50 winning chances)

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  • Who is eligible for the promotion?

All internet and mobile banking customers, existing as well as new customers are eligible for the promotion.

  • What are the point rewarding criteria?

Each existing Internet/mobile banking user will get 3 points.
All new registration for Internet/mobile banking will get 3 points.
Each bill payment will get 1 point (any bill payment).
New account opened through Internet banking will get 1 point (Net server or Net deposit).

  • Is there any limit for awarding points for bill payments?

Yes, maximum 5 points will be awarded per user for a month for bill payments.

  • Is a corporate internet banking user eligible for the promotion?

No, only Retail internet/mobile banking users are eligible for the promotion.

  • How will the customer know the number of reward points he has earned?

Reward points for a month will be calculated and displayed on the first week of the following month. E.g. Reward points earned in the month of August will be displayed on the first week of September.

  • Can the user accumulate points or will the points expire?

Points earned by Internet/Mobile banking users will be accumulated every month till the end of the promotion (31st January 2017).

  • How can the customer get more details on the promotion?

eBanking team has initiated a dedicated hotline for the promotion. Customer can contact 0112662727 or send an email to epromos@hnb.lk, clarify queries and get more details on the same.

  • What are the gifts awarded for winners and the period?

Each month an Apple 6S will be given away for a lucky Internet/mobile banking user.
At the grand draw one lucky user will drive away a Nissan Leaf Car.

  • Will the car be displayed in branches?

Yes the Nissan Leaf car will be displayed in top 25 – 50 branches based on eBanking performance. eBanking team along with the marketing team will coordinate with the selected branches on same.

  • Who are defined as immediate family members?

If the employee is married his wife and children will be considered as immediate family members.
If the employee is not married mother and father will be considered as immediate family members.

Reward Criteria


Points awarded

Applicable Additional Rules

  Existing Users



  New Registration



  Bill Payment

1 (Per Transaction)

Maximum 5 per month

  Other Bank Fund Transfers

1 (Per Transaction)

Any amount of transactions

  Net Server Account

1 (Per Account)


  Net Deposit Account

1 (Per Account)


Awarded Gifts


Awarded Gifts

Date Gift(s) Awarded


I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of September


I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of October


I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of November


I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of December


I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of January 2017

  January 2017

Nissan Leaf / I Phone 6S

Before 2nd week of February 2017